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On December 14, 1992, Wayne Lo shot and killed one student and one professor, and wounded three students and one staff. 

Earlier that day, Lo had sent a package loaded with ammunition from the North Carolina company Classic Arms to campus. A receptionist at the college intercepted the package. “She's residence directors (RD) of the package, and they brought it with them to a regularly scheduled meeting with Bernard Rodgers, a dean of the college...Dean Rodgers and the residence directors decided to allow the package to be delivered  to Lo, and that once received by him a prompt inquiry would be undertaken to determine the package contents. Following the meeting, the package was returned to the package room, where it was picked up by Lo a short time later.” After learning the package was picked up by Lo, the RD followed him back to his room. Lo originally refused to share the contents of the package with the RD, but when questioned a second time that day, Lo said it was a gift for his father who enjoyed hunting. Many students had complained that Lo was hoarding ammunition in his room, but there was no further investigation from Deans Christopher Lucht and Bernie Rodgers.

At around 10:20 P.M. on December 14, Teresa Beavers was working in the security guard shack at the main entrance of the college when she noticed someone walking towards the entrance with a gun. News reports indicated she stepped out of the security booth to tell him to leave campus because she assumed he was a hunter who mistakenly entered college grounds, not an uncommon occurrence for the small, secluded school. But as she got closer to the man, she recognized Lo. Holding an SKS semi-automatic rifle he bought at Dave’s Sporting Goods store, Lo shot Beavers in the stomach. She survived. 

After shooting Beavers, Lo murdered Nacunan Saez, a professor of Spanish, and Galen Gibson, a poetry student. Next, he made his way to the dormitory adjacent to the library and wounded two more students. Lo then headed to the student union building, but his rifle jammed. After recognizing the jam, he called the police to confess to the shooting. When the police arrived at campus, he surrendered without confrontation.

Wayne Lo is serving two life sentences without the possibility of parole.

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